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Volkswagen owns the Scout name?


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So I see Volkswagen is going to introduce a line of Scout branded electric off road vehicles.  Say they will be "heavy duty" off road capable vehicles.  At present I would guess they will indeed by "heavy".  There is no way I would take any electric vehicle off road expecting to be gone days like they do on these jeep excursions.

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Whats wrong with an all electric vehicle, it would be great to move around in the outback while making very little noise. Would be especially quite waiting for the sun to shine on the solar charging station.

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On 5/1/2024 at 6:00 AM, supermechanic said:

I had a Scout 2 .

Bought it new in 1979.  It was rusted out by 1984.

 No fond memories here.

The 69 redesign of the IHC light duty line was a disaster in sheet metal engineering. We kept our new design 69 1100D Travelal until 89, never in snow except for recreation but always on the Ca Coast and in Seattle.  At the end, even the top was rusting from the body. I repainted it in 76 (the rust was already showing). Even at the end, the drive train was still in good shape. The V304 was great engine, and the rust was not bad on the C channel frame and the 4 X 4 parts were still in good condition, the welded box frame on a Scout also rusted out.  A little bit of rust prevention possibly could have saved the Light duty line.

  Side Bar, I spent 1982 and 1983 in Seattle, found a $350, 1964 Scout wagon on a used car lot. Appeared to be all original, the mighty 152 was well worn but started and ran and the drive train worked, my biggest surprise was the unrusted  condition of the body sheet as compared to our 69 1100D Travelal. 

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