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I bought these from a coworker recently. What do you all think they might be worth? Not for sale just curious and thought yall might enjoy.20240124_175156.thumb.jpg.b0cf6b140b5cd033350aca5772c46827.jpg

1/4" - 1 1/4" and 9-19mm combo wrenches

2 - adjustable wrenches


2 Hammers

2 vise grips


Pipe wrench

3 Screwdrivers

Complete 1/4" socket set and spinner driver



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this will be like an oil thread so I will start. $2000 USD would be my estimate from what I have seen selling. That said no one would give me big bucks for my IH combination wrench set😐 so I will keep them

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I’ve got a tool chest and a flat head screw driver. I’ve always wanted a socket set like you have. That is awesome you got all that. Don’t let go of it. IH tools are a hot commodity from what I see. Most every tool you have pictured would sell in the hundreds. 

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1 hour ago, drglinski said:

An IH mechanic once told me they were ok tools but not good for making a living on everyday.  (He has snap on and Mac tools).  

they were made by Wright tools, nothing wrong with the quality just not a fancy or polished wrench. 

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11 hours ago, 48 farmall M said:

image.png.bcd8b6cc596a15231c1bbd3ee76fe462.png  We have the same set in this photo but is blue, still have the original cardboard sleeve it came in

I have the same set in red, but it was used. Box is rusty and the inside sticker is almost gone 

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This thread reminds me.  A few years back an IH roll around toolbox popped up on marketplace about 20 minutes away for $75.  I thought about it, even got clearance from the wife, but the seller seemed flaky to me, and it was a little on the small side.  So I passed.

Then the next week it was on ebay for $1000 from a picker up in Kenosha, WI.

Live and learn I guess.

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