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To Grease or not to Grease

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thanks, its a old Doncaster IH 574 i bought recently, i have refurbed the  the front axle, bushings etc  and putting back together now and this silly felt washer was bugging me. I don't think its would cause a problem either way but just interested to see how more knowledgeable folks than I do it. When i pulled apart it had absolutely nothing , thrust bearings and felts were completely disappeared, I was very lucky that the spindles and hubs were not worn out, although i did have to get the bottoms of the stub axle housing rewelded as they were in bad shape.



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IH uses felt seals all over.

Like rear axles on most all older stuff and the front wheels on the H/M.

They do allow the hub on the front wheels to rotate around the outside of the felt.

I just put a thin film of grease around the outside of the felt and also inside the hub where it runs.

But, it may need to run dry? I don't know.

If anyone has the IH service manual for any of these tractors, look it up and see what IH says to do.

This is far from a life or death deal but it would be nice to know the thinking of IH on the installation?



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On 12/8/2023 at 10:53 PM, nomorejohndeere said:

does the seal contact the bearing work surface or is it stand off?



The felt seal/washer is directly under the thrust bearing, I installed it today and put a light rub of grease on it.  Completing it dry would probably also be OK as a certain amount of grease will come through between the trust bearing and the spindle anyways as its not super tight. I have a shop manual but it does not say, as you mention its not critical but i am just interested what the original procedure would have been.

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