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Linesville,Pa. Lighted tractor Parade 2023 Saturday


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Lighted tractor parade is on for Saturday .

Here is the Link to look overĀ 


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I have never been to it, but supposedly they get a pretty good turnout, for around here anyway.

I see they are having a light up tractor event at the Stoneboro Fairgrounds the same evening, which is about 40 minutes away.

They did the same thing with the antique tractor show at the fairgrounds, they had it the same weekend as the event up around Jamestown. There is only so much of this stuff around here, you would think they would be able to coordinate with the others so people could enjoy it more at different times and probably have a better turnout.

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I went to the Tractor Light Parade tonight for the first time and was quite surprised.

The weather could not have been better for the 2nd of December, 48 degrees with clouds to hold the heat in but no precipitation.

The entry number on the last entry was 105.

Linesville is a small town in NW Pennsylvania, but it's population definitely grew tonight.

There are old tractors and new tractors, big tractors and lawn tractors, and every variety and make you can imagine.

A lot of people put a lot of work into these and do a wonderful job.

If you ever plan to go, go early and don't be in a rush to leave.

I wonder how they get the lights on the wheels, they obviously need to rotate, but even if battery powered, they are always just the right length. Even on the tracked Caterpillar.

My phone is not the best camera, but at least you get an idea.

The 10th picture down looks like a bug. It's actually a bee, evidently the person raises them, but what was neat is that it is a skid loader, and he has a bracket attached to one of the lug nuts, so that as it moves along the legs on the side go up and down and there is a bracket up to the wings, so that they work also.

There was another one that didn't come out. They took a side by side and made it look like a combine and then they had a Cub Cadet Lawn Mower pulling the Grain Cart alongside of it with lights imitating the grain coming out of the shute into the cart.















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