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Lost a mud hog wheel bearing


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At least you have a parts machine..

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I am disappointed in you, I figured you would be looking for a spare axle piece because if you use your spare part then you won’t have the spare when it breaks again so what will you do? 
you might then just have to sit home and watch TV in your Crocs! 

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10 hours ago, Mr. Plow said:

I see your clean grain elevator received the "silver seal"......

Don't worry, ours did too....🤣🤣🤣

Sorry. They were out of red duck tape and I had to get silver. I normally use red duck tape for these applications.

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2 hours ago, Jacka said:

I don't see how you keep anything together with that rice farming. The mud,dlop amd water would get in anything and destroy it.Its a testament to your perseverance and mechanical abilities to keep things moving. 

My soybean harvest has been much muddier than my rice harvest. This mud is quite challenging. Soybean harvest is very slow because of the mud...

At least you cut rice up off the ground!

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19 minutes ago, from H to 80 said:

What is that sticky substance on the tire ? We haven't had a half inch of rain here all of November.

  Must be his wet clay has different properties than my wet clay.  In conditions like that it would impossible to get anything done without tracks.  

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