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Cheaper brand cordless tools?


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34 minutes ago, stronger800 said:

My one buddy gave $199 for the inflator a few months ago with no batteries, so I had to send him the screenshot the other day.  Shared it with another neighbor who ordered it up.  I haven’t found the need myself 

I just tried to find that, maybe i missed it? 

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52 minutes ago, acem said:

Unfortunately it's the clutch that's bad. My wife and her friend were drilling a zillion holes in Oak logs for mushrooms. Her friend had brought her drill and batteries that were identical to ours.

When I went out and saw them burning up batteries fast, overheating the drills with dulled bits, etc I had them stop. I got them corded drills. They were right by an outlet they were using to recharge the batteries.

When I used our drill next time the batteries had a noticably shorter charge time and the clutch was weak. I don't know if the abuse or our drills/batteries got accidentally swapped. They were identical models. We bought ours new and it was barely used. They buy everything used at pawn shops/ flea markets. I'm not mad it just happened. They are good friends and I would never say anything to them. I did explain to the wife to use corded drills next time.

So I need to buy a DeWalt drill but I want a compact blower...


Case in point, i use a 4” hole saw almost daily with my Milwaukee cordless drill, and I always use the clutch, even if i damage the drill, the danger of damage to my customers property if it catches it is worth the wear and tear, rather than making a mess, or injuring me. That drill is a 2016 and still going strong and the original batteries are still in circulation. I do not believe lesser brands would stand up to that abuse, and they would have to be purchased many times over. I also routinely run 18”augers with it, 1 1/2” self feeds, you name it, it turns it. 

your wife needs this for her stump drilling adventure. 


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Something like that would be ideal but I'm not encouraging her mushroom nonsense. She's been doing this crap for years and rarely gets anything. Yet we have mushrooms growing wild all over and she won't pick them.

I don't usually say much. It's one of her things. 

I'm pretty sure our newish drill got mixed up with theirs...

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In my last "job", which was over 20 years ago, the electrical distributor that I worked for supplied a lot of tools to a local maintenance company.  We weren't Metabo distributors but our rep who took care of their account got them what they needed one way or another (he was a gem - the sustaining resource kind of guy that you can count on).

They insisted on Metabo angle grinders - they tried all brands including Makita, Bosch, Milwaukee, etc. and said that Metabo held up better than any others.

They also made an amazing 6" dual-orbit random orbital sander that could keep up with most belt sanders.  The one I used was loaned to me to sand 600 sq ft of fir tongue and groove flooring, by the guy I got the flooring from.  It was phenomenal.

This was in the early 2000s so things may have changed some.

Todd - this was the Baldwin IL plant.

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Price out some Atlas Copco battery operated drivers, makes buying Milwaukee look cheap.  Everyone should be able to purchase what they need.  My first battery driver was a Craftsman, 4.2 volt, Christmas of 1985.  What replaced it was a 9.2 volt drill/driver probably around 1990.  Those were both prior to removable batteries.  We have come a long way on these tools.  

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On 11/26/2023 at 8:47 PM, acem said:

I would like a few cordless tools that I can't justify paying the price for in DeWalt. Things like a compact blower, portable fan, portable light, etc. I've resisted having multiple brands of batteries but I'm about ready. 

I'm considering buying another set. Probably Bauer or Ryobi.

I've also seen battery adapters so I could use my DeWalt batteries in the other tools 

Any experiences with cheaper cordless tools or adapters?


if you want a real world test unbiased check out ""project farm"" on you tube he has several with cordless drills and other things like cordless grinders , hammer drills impact drivers etc...............

he is not sponsored by companies and buys the tools himself and has a good channel 

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