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Custom 1951 KW


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That engine was a sort-of experimental version (the V12).  The six was called the “400” I think.  Those engines were overhead cam and sort of a Hemi-head.  That V12 truck would have been faster than most cars back then!

It’s interesting they say “butane” in the article and “LPG”.  LPG is usually mostly propane and some butane.  The vapor pressure of butane is much less than propane (plastic bic lighter vs a propane tank).  I wonder if they actually used “butane” back in the day?  It would have been easier to handle.


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Just now, Big Bud guy said:

That was the problem JD had trying to get turbine tractor to work.  

The railroads had the same issue. Diesel fuel, bunker C, pulverized coal, stc., all flew out the stack quickly. They were also exceptionally loud.


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