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820 and 1020 headers


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29 minutes ago, acem said:

I got a call from a friend who retired from farming. He has a 25 ft 1020 I'm going to look at. I'm doubtful about the condition as he's hard on equipment but it will be reasonable price.

25 ft is bigger than I want but it's better than 30 ft on the 1460!

Just make sure the wobble drive is tight. If he is hard on stuff it may not have been greased like it should have been. Also look at the drive sheave on the hex shaft. I've seen those get loose on the shaft. Those sheaves were like 80-90 dollars when I was selling them. I think they are 300-400 hundred now. It's held on with a nut. The 1020 was improved on where the knife bolts on vs the 820. That didn't give much trouble. Good luck

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I made a deal on the 25 ft  1020 with parts 1680, 32' 490 disk, 28' cih field cultivator and some small items.

The 25' 1020 is a later model head with oil bath knife drive and double driveshafts. It looks ok but the paint is faded. He doesn't have a combine shed.

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Here's some pics of the parts combine I brought. They removed the engine with a track hoe. Not sure why they removed the tail piece?

Looks like a long screen system?

There is a lot of good parts but it's in terrible shape. Header seems mostly ok.

Too bad he didn't have a shed.




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Lots of good salvage left. I really enjoyed that process when the uncle and I did that 1460. Of course, some of the stuff has just laid around and I'm thinking some may go to scrap. The rotor for example; Takes up a lot of space, in pretty bad shape. I would never put it in my machine, probably going to leave next year.

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