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2023 friends and family plow day


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A friend of my brothers and his family invited a few friends to an inaugural plow day at their farm this past weekend.  6 tractors were present: A W30 that my brother brought, a Farmall M, a Farmall Super A, a 53 Farmall Super H, a 4030 Deere and a 2 cylinder Deere.


Temps were in the high 40s with a slight breeze but sunny and dry.  


Click the link for a video of some of the action.  

















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That looks like a fun day!

I have to admit,  I'm impressed by how straight the plow furrows are.

A few years back,  I drove an Allis Chalmers  "M"  crawler that belonged to a neighbor at a plow day.

It just chugged along with a 4 bottom plow, which kind of amazed me,  it had less power than a Farmall  "M"  but could pull one bottom more.

I guess it's the traction and gear ratio that makes the difference.

Thanks for posting.

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9 hours ago, John Rowehl said:

Looks like a great day!

Have to wonder about that seventh photo; are they plowing around that much of a curve or is that the fish-eye effect of the camera lens?

It's a panoramic photo so it comes out sorta curved.



The w30 is kinda like the Allis M.   Easily the slowest tractor there but pulled the 3 bottom in 2nd gear just fine all day.    Luggs down and the torque kicks in and it just keeps going.    

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