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1206 MCV leaking

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I cleaned off the cover and ran the tractor for a little while. It appears to be leaking from behind where I have circled. The oil is coming from behind there and then down the side. Not sure what that is and what type of seal I need to replace. 


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That is the dump valve. Remove a couple pins and the two bolts in that casting. Then you can swing that assembly up and tie it. Screw the gland out that the spool goes through. The seal is in that gland and an oring on the outside to seal the threads.

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@snoshoe I was able to get the spool out. I heated up the old seal and took out the old rubber. Put a new o-ring in the old seal and put back on, ran the tractor for five minutes and dry so far. I will drive tomorrow and verify it is still dry. If it keeps leaking, I will buy a new seal.

Thanks for the help.

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