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Old pickup insanity


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Yes, they both claim 16/32. Years ago the bfg were 18.  I believe some of the large falkens are 18/32 now.  I wanted a set last season, but they were on back order, that’s when i got the toyos. I wish the destinations were a bit “wider” at the tread (just for looks). They seem to have a good enough traction with that being a little wider should not hurt them. Maybe the toyos would be better if they were narrower. I’m sure they would be.

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On 11/18/2023 at 5:31 AM, Diesel Doctor said:

I seen my first new Chevy Tahoe in a long time on the road. 

It still had dealer plates.

Those are probably $75,000?

With the high prices, poor quality, mediocre service and all the other problems, very few new ones are being bought.

That raises the price of the used ones.

A local Chevy dealer is after a friend to sell him his Tahoe and is offering big money.

But the guy refuses as he will have to spend more yet to get a replacement.

Supply and demand has run these used prices off the scale?


... buddy owns a chev dealer.  Best 4 years of his 20 years career selling gm trucks.  He cant even get Tahie and Suburban last 2 years demand is so high.  Its nuts

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