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Today's random thought.. ....


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I actually know someone who recently sold his convenience store. He lost money until he started selling pizza. Both to go and sit down. Then he started making money.

His secret was being pleasant, reasonably priced, having good pizza and being timely. He bought premade crust (frozen) and used lots of good ingredients. He became the place to go for takeout pizza. His crust was ok but the toppings were so good it made the pizza great. Frozen crust simplified the operation significantly.

I prefer a good fresh made crust but that takes skills that must be learned. It's not too hard to assemble pizza on a premade crust and cook it. However your wood fired oven would need homemade crust to complete the experience.,

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On 11/10/2023 at 12:29 PM, nepoweshiekfarmalls said:

If I opened a restaurant featuring wood fired, brick oven pizza, pool tables, darts; do you think it would work?  Seems like a great combination for a night out.... maybe a couple bowling lanes?  Just a random thought during lunch today..  maybe I just need to incorporate that into my new shop building!


Have we talked you down yet?

JK, but lots to think about for sure.

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Take your food to the customers.

Put together a food truck and go to auction sales and events in the area.

Some of the best barbecue I ever ate was at the RPRU2023 in Grand Island.

The line to his food truck was always long.

If you do this, make sure it can be pre-made so you can serve a lot of people in a hurry.

The best sub sandwich I ever ate was out of a food truck at an auction sale.

They were so good, I bought two to go home with.

If the quality of the food is at the top, people will come.

Model after Smokey D's Barbecue in Des Moines as far as service goes and quality of food.

Brick and mortar is the expense and killer.

If this plan goes South, you can repurpose the truck or trailer.



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Thanks for all your ideas, guys.  It was a Friday lunch daydream after a stressful morning.   My mind wandered and I let it go awhile.  Thought it might make for good conversation here!  If I do install an oven in the future shop, you all will be invited. 😊

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