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Small Frame (544) Charge Pump


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I have the neighbors 544H utility in for some engine work, and with the head needing to come off I split it to avoid the BS taking the fuel tank and console apart.  It had a pretty severe mid point hydraulic leak as well.  

After splitting it looks like it's coming from inside the bell housing and the charge pump/input shaft seal, pretty wet with clean oil puddled in there.   

I know these pumps are almost unobtanium now so I'm not super enthusiastic of taking it out of an otherwise flawlessly functioning hydro.  

Can the seal be replaced carefully from the front or should I just be a man and pull the charge pump for a complete evaluation and reseal?  

It's going to suck a bit pulling that bottom cover to remove the suction manifold with my splitting stand in the way.....but so is life 🫠

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1 hour ago, HydroTek said:

You can replace the seal -- just be careful not to nick the housing

Can you still get the seal thru the dealer ?

Clean it off and see if there is a number on the edge -- maybe get the seal from a parts house

Messicks shows 2 in stock for $25 or so, with a seal house up the road I can try though as long as it's nothing special.  

According to manual it looks pretty particular where it ends up installation dimension wise.  May be a good candidate to see if machining students can make up a driver.  

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