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Yeller Oshkosh


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Houghton/Keweenaw county road commission has several of them 

they are out in the heavy snow fall to open the roads

they also run them in the July 4 parades 

that is a nice rig

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Our county ran them years ago. Ours are orange. I believe there is still at least one only ran during the worst of snow storms. I know it was out in April of 2018 for snowstorm Evelyn. It wears a rigid v-plow and right side wing. In place of the box it has a huge cube of concrete. I forget how much it weighs. I have seen it's twin parked in the weeds towards the south end of the county. Next time I'm through I'll snap a picture.

  I remember watching the truck take a running start banging gears and billowing smoke until it disappeared into a drifted road. You could hear it grunt some time after it vanished in the plume of smoke and snow. When it stopped, the grader would back in and hook to the chain the truck permanently wears and drags behind when operating in this way. Drag him out backwards so he could wind up and do it again. Watched this once while the ambulance waited at the intersection. They were trying to get to my friends house to deliver his baby sister. Everyone around here loves to see the old Oshkosh out.

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Surprised thought the driveshaft needed to twice the that size 

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That truck probably had a Hall-Scott gas engine when it came out of the factory.  Probably a repower since parts for the HC gassers disappeared decades ago.  

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On 11/9/2023 at 10:22 PM, mikem said:

Now THATS a pick-up!!!

Bet that ol girl would pull a 30 foot gooseneck, like it wasn't there!!!


40 MPH😖

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