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Loadstar repower

766 Man

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12 minutes ago, acem said:

Brake drums are the really hard part.

Used only and the scrappers seem to get them first...

Really? I never imagined that would be the issue. 

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Back to the original question, i had same question a year or so back. i love the loadstar look etc. I haul further but out of alot of fields, with steep creek crossings and big hills. I have ran several loadstars 1600,1700 etc. First of all those gas trucks get the job done great. If you dont have mountains i wouldnt worry. I found even with steep hills i can pull 300+ bushel on our 1600 with 345 fine. Fast? No.... it aint.

Like mentioned its a ton of work to swap biggest hurdle is the firewall like mentioned. We went to a 4900 with a dt466 and 6 speed with air brakes. Wow what an upgrade. Found the truck in great condition with a scott 15' bed for 8500. I stole it especially since its a presentable truck and on its 2nd trouble free season. Having said that for what we do in soft fields, sandy creeks, and nasty terrain loadstars were built for the job. They shine above the heavy front ended diesels. Its actually hilarious when you are wheel hopping the 4900's and a loadstar same weight crawls right by you somehow with the same weight. Once we get out and start hauling into town i want our 4900's with air brakes all day. Im just rambling here but i wouldnt worry about the engines. Brakes can be an issue for sure. I also like my gmc top kick or kodiaks with 366 fuel injected too. Better disc brakes by far, electric backup etc. Can be bought reasonable too. My only complaint of them is the clutch pedal is hard to push. They should have been hydraulic for sure. 

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15 hours ago, vtfireman85 said:

Gonna have to take your word for it. 

 for OP


  Here an engine under 10Km is going to have wheels attached for >n$60K

just the current every day production engine,


no replies with out the vin but more searching finds.

JUnk 150/250Km 444/466 start at $3500 .... $4800 for < '94 IDI cheap short block  $8-10 k for cheap long block

and over $14K for all the add on systems  to protect the $10K.

So a low mile clean no rust '00 ,4700 for $6K is a bad deal."needs engine"

when you can get a 466/7 and go driving for $13K....there all 26-44K gvw and airb.

Most of what we haul would fall in to class 4-8  10-26K.
 Would like someone to go over to trucks and post  ,pros/cons of each and what to watch for/whats NLA etc.
S 17-1900, 4000-4900, vs big 3 350-650
Along with rules for your area/?
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On 11/8/2023 at 10:08 PM, Missouri Mule said:

My only complaint of them is the clutch pedal is hard to push

Had a similar issue with our C60. Clutch was hard for my wife. Solution was simply change the B&B spring clutch pressure plate for a diaphragm pressure plate. Diaphragm clutch pushes a bit firm at the first part of pedal travel then lightens up down where you want it light to be able to feather it in. All the way to the floor is almost over center on the belleville type spring, so easy to hold disengaged in traffic.

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7 hours ago, Sask466 said:

Did you pull with that motor in a diesel 4wd class?

I wondered if anyone ever used those in a day to day application - outside of pulling.  

They put those in the overnight delivery trucks. 

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  • 2 months later...

I didn't post in this thread but I did follow it. I think a repower would not be feasible esp if you don't do the work  yourself. The hidden costs  would run over budget bigtime IMHO . Cheaper in the long run to buy the gasoline or better yet find a diesel .

Even a high mileage long wheel base highway truck....... You already have your advice


 I saw this one on Facebook  and thought of this thread




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