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1586 Rolls in Park


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I recently purchased a 1586 that seems to be in overall good condition. Only issue that I was made aware of was that the low side of the TA was out (told it could be a TA control cable but I'll assume the worst) and of course I didn't try to park it on a hill. Got home and it will roll if parked on a hill. Gears all seem to hold good, including reverse, are there any "easy" fixes or is going to be something deeper?

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Remove the floor plate and look at the park linkage -- the vertical rod needs to fully lower into the top cover
You can remove the 5 bolts holding the seat pan , and get a helper to lay the whole thing in the rear window -- lay the floor mat over the opening to protect the upholstery
this gets you access to the Range shift cover and park linkage

Usually the teeth get knocked off the reverse gear and if you back up an incline (or hold the brakes) in reverse at low idle -- you will hear the gears

TA will pull , even without oil when in Low -- so if you want that working gonna be putting in a TA unit -- HyCapacity is the one I recommend

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'86 series park is applied by a spring -- the rod that pulls on the park lever only can disengage the park

I did have one that the "fingers" on the park pawl broke off and the internal spring would not push on the park pawl any longer

Caution your operators that the tractor must be completely stopped before engaging park
threaten if you need to

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