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IH gas engine thermostats

wild one

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I have been searching for a thermostat for a 1979 1724 truck with a 345 engine. None of the big name parts stores even list a 345 as available in the 1979 1724, but I am told the IH v8's used the same thermostat. I was also told by another that all the gasser truck engines use the same thermostat as the six cylinder gas tractor engines. Is that true?  Fuel pumps seem to be easy to find, but a water pump or thermostat not so. Never had an IH truck before, but lots of tractors and expected truck parts to be a little easier to find. Any good aftermarket sites that cater to the old IH engines and trucks?

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13 hours ago, wild one said:

ALL kinds of thermostats listed for a Scout with a 345 but not for the same engine in a heavy truck. Are they different??

Rockauto.com lists a bunch of thermostats for the 345 in the 1979 Scout II. You would think they'd be the same.

For what they cost it would be worth a shot. <$10.

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If you are referring to C263-C301 six cylinders.  They are the same as a big block Mopar, if I remember right 2.125 or 2.25 dia.  Went through this as I needed a high flow for one of my builds.

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