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2 hours ago, TN Hillbilly said:

A bit optimistic on them prices, methinks.

ROTFLMA.....Most seller's would (are!!) be insanely inflamed by that!

$6800 is the rolling avg now.

they buy for $600 or x and then add 1 space because THEY !! own it. Flipper

Put $2K of inflated $5K in parts and expect to be $10K compensated,when in reality its a $5K deduction for doing it wrong.

$2500 needing $3-5K is the average selling (under 2 weeks) and if its close to operating a few minutes or makes a presentable drive onto trailer ....sold

dead they put up more fight than an 8c-e

use it for several months, see its not a D8 burn out the brakes and reverser then add 20% $ to out of pocket with no discount for the $10k in use of it.

Watching 10 within recovery distance .......still at least 1 a week fly off for china

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Barnum is going strong,"There's a sucker born every minute"

Many (still) have more $$$$ than br ^&*(

there selling every week for $$$$,before irate sellers send good photos or details of $$$$$$ repairs needed.

Then they show up at 1-3 places wanting free advice/parts .

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