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Tractor of the week. Week 43: Super H


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The successor to the popular model H, the Super H had a short production run before it was replaced by the redesigned 300.  With increased horsepower, disc brakes and available live hydraulic power; this was a handy row crop tractor. 









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The only pic I could find of the SH I had once

It was my rake tractor

Cute little thing with plenty power to pull the rake in the hayfield

Wish I would have kept it.

The other tractor is my grandpa's '41 JDA, his big tractor 

Notice the 150 gal gas barrel in the back of the pickup

The 460 had a drinking problem🤪😄



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I'd done about everything with Dad's '39 H in the few years I'd run it, ran to town 5 miles, mow& rake hay, haul in oats and corn to the crib, run 5 miles into town for hog feed in the Heider auger wagon, and use the 16 foot sled to move hog houses around the hog pasture.  Then one day I come home from school and a SUPER H is sitting by the shop. 

    That Fast Forth gear in the SH was great, and live hyd was nice too. Running the Brillion 6 ft rotary mower mowing hay or chopping corn stalks was a common job too,  All summer no day was complete without at least two trips to the hog pasture with ground hog feed and water. Think it was shortly after Dad got the SH I got a TENNA tractor radio for it. I think we discussed Tenna radios here once, they weren't very good. About 10-15 years ago after it quit working all together I bought a SONY AM/FM car radio and speaker on sale and installed it in the Tenna housing, this Sony had a amplifier to boost the volume but still wasn't as good as the big boxy Automatic radio.

   I'd still like to have a Super M-TA someday. My Super H is my #1 Snow Mover all winter, has an 80 inch wide by 16 inch high blade, it clears my concrete driveway right down to bare concrete, It's also the right tool for clearing out in front of our mailbox across the road. The county guys do a great job of clearing the road but sometimes loose track of my mailbox and I have to retrieve my mailbox from about 8 rows into the bean field, corn stalks hold the snow better. I've only been really snow-bound once but I made over $50 that day pulling people out of the drifting snow.

     The plan was to have a heat-houser on the SH for snow removal this winter but the Wife said NO when I wanted to order it last summer. I guess she can shovel the drive the first snowfall.

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