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TD7E brake/clutch linings


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I had replaced all the brake and clutch linings a couple of years ago when I lost the brake function on the left side of the machine. Now, 80 hours later I have had the left brake just quit again. The brake lining come off the outer block. It looks like the adhesive that holds the pad to the block just gave way. When I asked the place that relined the pads they said that their supplier stated that some of the newer oils used today deteriorate the adhesive. Does that seem right? Has anyone else encountered this problem? I am running Traveller  Premium Tractor Trans/Hydraulic Fluid from Tractor Supply in the differential housing. Any input would be appreciated.

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I have heard of this happening in older powershift transmissions where SAE 10 engine oil is specified. The modern engine oil additives deteriorate the adhesive holding the friction material to the clutch discs and the friction material falls off the discs in chunks. This is why Caterpillar started suggesting the TO2 and TO4 powershift transmission oil in place of engine oil in powershift transmissions. Dresser had a service bulletin regarding this but I don't have the bulletin number or details handy. As I recall wheel loader transmissions were the main target of the bulletin.

However in your case the TD-7E (as I recall) specifies Hy-Tran for the rear end where your brakes are. I am not aware of any issues with modern Hy-Tran (or the cheap "Equivalent") causing these issues.

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When we relined the clutch and brake lining in my 100C one of the linings came off the shoe within 20 hours, I returned the shoes to the shop that did the reline of the shoes, they thought they may have had contamination on the shoe, they re-did all the shoes, it's been good since, that was in 1980, I have always used NAPA 85-405 oil in the transmission and rear end.

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