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Hi Dave, I have a TD6. Do you have the manuals for your dozer? I haven't worked on my clutches except to adjust them, but I recall they are notorious for sticking because of rust when left sitting for some time. I don't remember them being hydraulic. on my TD6 you have a clutch pack on either side of the differential sorry I can't help more


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Daves TD-8 is a wet clutch machine, whereas a TD-6 is a dry clutch machine. Quite different.

Dave is correct, the steering clutches are hydraulically actuated. I have not experienced any issue with that, not saying it can't be the case. Hard to say when the last time the oil was changed.

I assume it has no effect even when you pull the stick fully rearward to engage the brake?

How does your clutch pressure gauge reading? Is it low?


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The machine has been setting a long time I have not even looked at anything yet just got it in my shop. customer said that it steered a little bit when he first got it running but then quit. I think its a valve problem but have not even looked at the valve set up yet. He did give me a manual for it 

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dont have anything on 8   but early 7 was a modified expanded system on the t340 principals with more oil applications of function over mechanical.

I also would guesstimate low pressure/flow or rust stuck actuation point/function .

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On 10/20/2023 at 7:15 PM, Daves Diesel said:

Got a TD8 in it wont steer both clutches are staying engaged It is my understanding that the clutches are engaged hydraulically Is it common for the valve to stick causing this any suggestions 

The steering control valve is mechanically controlled, check that the valve spools are moving when you actuate the levers. They are a real simple valve. If the steering cylinders are frozen that could also cause your problem. Make sure you have hydraulic pressure at the control valve.  



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