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674 with d-239

Young mechanic

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Specifications and service data is provided in the Diesel Engine service manual  from Jensales (and others) their  part number is IH-S-ENG-D155 (COVERING ALL ENGINES OF THAT FAMILY)  These are not-so-great photo copies of the original IH manuals. The primary spec for oil pressure is at least 30 PSI on 30 wt at hot engine RPM to produce pto speed. and 5-10 PSI at slow idle just looked at the owners manual I got from IH a few years ago and there is nothing about oil pressure in it.

Generally speaking on Red Power we help each other BUT we can not provide a pirated  copy righted manual, but a copy of a page is OK in my book.

I up graded my latest computer to Windows 10-11 and it no longer talks to my old scanner so currently I can not copy a page.

Our tractor is a 464, it is powered by a D179, the major difference other than the 3 cylinder in the 179 is the 179 does not have a pesty balance gear train attached to the crankshaft.


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3 hours ago, louie figone said:

The factory IH Service manual GSS-1377 With revision 9 dated January 1981 that covers D156 through D358, Oil Pressure at Gallery (hot oil) minimum psi: Idler speed 8, rated speed 40-60

I was looking through it the other day but could not find that. Where about does it talk about it. 

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