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IH dresser TD7C

Robbie D

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Hello Robbie, since you said "Torque Converter" I will assume you have a Powershift transmission. Per the IH operators manual specs are as follows...

Transmission and torque converter (combined) hold 28 quarts(7 Gallons) of Hy-Tran oil.

Rear end/brake housing holds 42 quarts(10.5 Gallons) of Hy-Tran oil.

Final drive housings hold 10 quarts(2.5 Gallons) of 140 weight Gear oil Per side. Or in colder climates 90 weight.

Hydraulic reservoir holds 10 Gallons of Hy-Tran oil.


I am unable to find brake wear criteria in the IH service manual. Just talks about adjustments.

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Robbie, when I did my lining (100C) we used .141 thick on the lining material. I measured a non-worn area at the time and came up with .141-.147. There is no specification given in the service manual for the lining thickness. It must be very close, I did that in the early '80's, still working excellent.

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I have an update on the brake and steering clutch lining for the IH 100, 125, TD7, TD8, C and E models. I am having the lining replaced on my 100C, in the above post I stated the lining to be .141-.147, I purchased one lining just to get the measurements, the lining I purchased measured out at .186 but that is with the adhesive on the back, I did not know they came with adhesive on them, measuring just the lining I came up with .147-.148. I purchased the lining off of Ebay, however it came from FrictionWorksLLC, 4598 Whittlesey Road, Norwalk, OH, phone is 419-6771167 for anyone wishing to do their own relining. The shoe material is the same size for both size tractors. I am not into bonding my own linings, I am having it done by a brake material bonding shop in San Jose Calif. who is supplying the lining. This same company did the relining in the '80's for me. I will say the lining I took out still measures .137-.141, one of the linings is starting to delaminate from a shoe so I am having all redone. Wet brakes seem to not wear at all. I am posting the bonding instructions sent with the brake shoe. Michael Brewster is Friction Works. 

IH 100 125 brake lining.jpg

IH 100 125 brake lining back side.jpg

IH 100 125 brake lining thickness.jpg

IH Bonding brake linings.jpg

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eons ago, when available, the wet disc pads were bonded to a backer,which used 4 rivets to the actuator. Dealer had TSB and kit,so as not to destroy sun disc,between de laminated and  100% no go.Along with internal mods to extend life.

Yes turning brakes are std 340 dry.     $$$$$$,project getting to the $600 repair.

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