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1470 Level Land Combine


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This article here might be of some help to you. I personally don't have any hands on experience with them, but wouldn't mind owning/operating one.



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Have never seen one but heard there were a few level land 1470's out there. I have to wonder if that happened just before the buy out/take over and they did not get shipped out to Spokane Washington for the conversion. I suspect they are quite rare.

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These machines were discussed over on nagtalk a few years ago. First off, I take it this is a CaseIH 1470 with a red top cab, and not an IH 1470 with a white top cab? A 1985 machine should be a CaseIH 1470. Also, does it have the "LL" designation on the serial # plate right behind the 1470 model #? The "LL" designation was supposed to stand for "Level Land".

This statement about 1470 LL combines comes from a former employee of the East Moline plant who worked there at the time.

newagtalk #1.png

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Its interesting that there was more than one variant of the 1460 chassis built in 1985 with a DT-466 with an inline injection pump....around here it wasn't the 1470 LL that was somewhat common, it was the 1460 Australian Special. Dealers here used to advertise them as a 1460 with a 1480 engine...and charged more for them, too, because of the extra HP. Used to be a couple 1460 Aussie Specials around here from our store, I know of a few more in the country that came from other stores as well. I also know of 1460s in CaseIH colors that just had the regular 1460 engine....the DT-436 with the AMBAC 100 rotary injection pump that all other 1460s had.

The Aussie 1460s also had a 2-speed hydrostatic pump that was not very common on US-market 1460s as well. 

My old salesman used to claim that there was also a 1480 Australian Special available, too, that had a 466 with an intercooled engine like the early 1680s with IH/Navistar engines in them. I've never seen one that way, though. These were 1985 models in CaseIH colors as well.

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