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On 10/7/2023 at 3:53 PM, FoxrunFarms02 said:

Thank you. I was brought up super super religious. Church and Sunday School every Sunday, confirmation class 2 hours twice a week. As I got older I lost my way........more so the church itself. I feel like I can talk to whoever is up there by just sitting on my atv over looking my wetlands and soaking it in. When this 1st happened I couldn't beleive the out pour of support from the community, total strangers, or long lost friends stopping in checking, asking to help with farm tasks or just calling. For 3 days at the hospital I was in a dark place. Playing what if's " another sip of coffee in the truck", " not moving some garbage cans I blocked" but you can't think like that. What was done was done. I was worried on being the old me after being told I'd never work again or bend my leg and how I'd support the family. I asked to talk to someone. 3 day's later 2 ladies come in. 1 hides behind the door taking notes and the other is asking me questions if I'd go on a man hunt after the kid.......nothing even close that I wanted to talk about. I was kind of mad at my employer too cause I was one of the few guys who had a cdl no one else got pushed to get one or docked in pay for losing theirs after dui's. So I got switched from being a landscape foreman to an operating on trees without being asked and my boss was kind of upset when he heard about my anger. The hard part was no one understood my emotions or experience. It's real easy to say something but no one can relate to it feel it like you. I found a forum of suviours from traumatic events and it helped so so much reading other peoples stories, knowing I'm not alone and it's okay to be mad, sad, worried, or upset but not to let it control your life.

6 months ago the wife's cousin got into a bad car wreck. She's okay now but was pretty banged it. She talked to me ALOT and it made her feel good to talk to someone who could relate or give her advice. It's funny how everything has an effect or rhythm and reason.

Very cool pictures also btw!


On 10/7/2023 at 5:47 PM, ray54 said:

Having faith in a higher power can give a real lift in deair circumstances.

I had major gallbladder problems, had a new kind of "inner inspection". My body being abnormal set off a case pancreatis. Which caused dehydration, asked the surgeon who was to remove gallbladder  what was going on.  His diagnoses was pancreatic cancer, let me send you to the University Hospital for new experiments because you have less than 6 month.


Well if that doesn't give you a bad feeling your tougher than me. But the dehydration sent me to emergency room. By the end of the day they had information from the "inspection" and where a biopsy was taken no cancer. The gallbladder still took me out for 3 months, with way to much hospital time. 


Thank you for joining our group here and sharing with us. Really enjoying your photos.

I’ll be praying for you both.

Reading God’s word, handing over everything to him (since it’s his plan that will work out), memorizing/studying scripture and praying/talking with him through out the day makes a world of difference I’ve found. 

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