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Case 4240


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That series have a switch at the clutch pedal that "dumps" the pressure to TA. I would suspect it is sticking?? They also have a switch on Forward and Reverse linkage that keeps the TA from shifting in reverse, TA only works in forward. 

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1 hour ago, HydroTek said:

Some say , CASE IH
and others say , case international

Either is better than just “case” when it is clearly not one. Unless you are talking about something like a 1894 that was a JUNK buzzard painted red to try and sell them. 

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5 hours ago, ALEARY5A said:

Clutch pedal is bypassed so powershift works as soon as you press the button. Is this a good idea ?

Personally I would replace switch (if that is reason it was bypassed) and put it back as it should be. The clutch pedal switch "unloads" the TA / Powershift every time pedal is cycled. 

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There were two design reasons for the T/A Powershift to go through the clutch Neutral switch:
1) When you depressed the clutch to change gears the T/A Powershift would drop into Low and the transmission input shaft speed would drop making it easier to change gears.
2) When starting from a stop the T/A Powershift would start in Low until the clutch pedal was completely released and touching the Neutral Safety switch then if the Hi/Lo switch was in Hi it would go into Hi otherwise it will stay in Lo.
By starting in Low it was easier on the clutch disk and the power train.
PS, there used to be two different clutch Safety Switches, one with two wire connectors for tractors with out T/A Powershift and an four connector one for tractors with the T/A Powershift. I don't know with the new Caseih.com parts system, if the part has been subbed to only the four connector switch version or not? 

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