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wheel bolts


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For the most part wheel/ and rim bolts, 90% are NLA

fiat has 15% replacements and then 60%  outside "will fits"  They are $6-45 ea

Been going around with various mfg tech support for days.

A.  X 100 MFG and "authorized" retailers have no clue !!!!!!    no wonder they NLA items. As buyers run away. Parts counter at abc cant just call and get ten pc, even on a 30 day stock order  yada yada  even if you pay $50 for the BS on a $2 item

B there are no catalogs or specs sheets so even when you explain to the 12 yr old tech its more than on your screen ,7 different # s mean SOMETHING.    Oh Just call,your store and order(whom CANT!!!)any of the # will fit.

Working on center/hub bolts (taper lugs) NOT !!! nuts,studs,starlocks etc

slightly long is fine understand 23/32 is NLA when 7/8-1" will actually fit


351846r1,182170,wh942,832720,223447c1, 910-3027, 710-3027

7/16-20-7/8-1"  5/8h


1/2-20-7/8-1"  3/4H

403538r92,51485d,/ 86628557,g49036 ,04557ab

9/16-18, 1-7/32,1-1/4"    3/4H fronts

9/16-18, 1-7/32-1-1/4"   7/8H rears


still hunting 7/16 ,   Have found some bulk  1/2 and 9/16  will fit and work,but when your drill the #'s

there is a 60* and 90* seat angle whats the correct, norm or IH ?

Bolt Grade:
Grade 8
Hex Size:
0.75 in
0.98 in
Overall Length:
1.51 in
SAE or Metric:
Seat Style:
Conical Seat - 90 deg
Thread Diameter:
1/2 in
Thread Length:
0.98 in
Thread Size:
1/2-20 in
Thread Type:
Threads Per Inch:


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give these guys a call,  see if they can help

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15 hours ago, Edsfarms said:

give these guys a call,  see if they can help

NO, just peddling the same china BS,and thats why non 2000> wheels get egged out.

Some BTOs want $24 PER bolt, thats WRONG size but, "will fit"

this is simply a very OVERPRICED sq head that others have issue with


363017R1 Rear Rim to Center Bolt-Fits

US $23.40/ea + nut $$ + $9.99 shipping per  EACH 1lb.


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I have replaced a lot of 460/560 wheel bolts. They get rusty in the casting. Almost always can re-use the heavy nut. 6.00 isn't to bad for specialty bolt 363017R1. Kind of like "if you want to hear the tune you have t pay the piper"

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1 hour ago, cedar farm said:

I have replaced a lot of 460/560 wheel bolts. They get rusty in the casting. Almost always can re-use the heavy nut. 6.00 isn't to bad for specialty bolt 363017R1. Kind of like "if you want to hear the tune you have t pay the piper"

I am talking wrong will/dont fit .

1/2 -20 g5 is not replaced with 1/2-13 , o grade for $24-30 EA  when a 9/16-18/ 5 is $1.95

nor does a 1/2-20 g0 60* 3/4 head  $2   replace the correct 1/2-20 g5 90* 13/16 head  deer in headlights or $24 EA

Just tried to use the "replacement" rims  *^(^&)*_()(&)**(&    1/2" WRONG size is a project to modify

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Ih and case 20-75 hp  1939-78

Tried using the # and with out being strictly "correct Po po"   " will fits" for a cub are more $ than the tractor.

Also The $180 (didnt pay that) rim needed "adjusted" didnt bother with the $280 as it was still hoop and unverified origin ,vs IH tab

What would you do Ih  1/2- 20 g5 1-1/4  NLA, will fit 1/2-13 g0 1-3/4 $8-10 ea,   9/16-18 g5 1-1/4  $2.15   ?

IH  9/16 -18 g5 7/8L 13/16 head 90* NLA  on near every shelf 9/16-18 g2 3/4L -3/4 head 60* $2 (works a few years) 9/16 -18 g2 1"L, 3/4 head 90* $7-10 still not "correct" fit

100s of models/brands are OEM with these yet they only sell 5% correct 25% will fits ,balance NLA yet the very next or ODD size are $2


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That's wildly vague. For example an M, 560 and 656 use three different wedge bolts. I have in the last year bought ones from my local IH dealer for one of my 560's and my 656. They take two different bolts and both were available. As far as H's and M's I checked and they are available as well. The ones I got from CIH were spot on in size. As someone who has been selling AG parts for 35 years, I would like to see what part numbers you are finding NLA. I should add. Every bolt package had "country of origin: USA" on it

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Cedar you would be in the "few" whom know part sourcing.

Some of the # where in the OP.

Without pulling out the "paper" and getting the root # which fiat has subbed 3-7x with "will fits"

Here's a few more







51485d/403538r2 not correct,


182170 NC,


351510rs $22> ea


A tractor will have +- 48 wheel bolts,and you need 3 of each,do you now carry 3 sets of tools to change the wheels?

Replace those 9 from fiat for $100+  and they dont match to just barely fit, AM for $65,or swap to available $3 ea x 48

Others have the same issues,purchase an AM rear set for $250, dont fit = $50 return fee.

When MFG is in the Fastner/bolt BUSSINESS and making ...... taper bolts, 60* -90* 7/16/-1/2-9/16 etc for $1.5 RETAIL   it should not be $20 ea or deer in the head light asking for   1/2-20 90* 1" 13/16 head 1/2" deep  when they make a 1/2 -20 60* 1" 3/4 head 1" deep. esp when fiat has them add a collar so it covers the hole


NLA is the same "as" and the result of ,will fits that dont cover the hole, fine thread for >$30 ea vs coarse at $2.5 ea. $600 for wheel bolts on a $500 tractor

1 side cage nut vs IH 4 side

Exactly why NLA exists and public gives up to just buy a complete new unit.


Need a common carb gasket, fiat sells every day,by the time I get it its $85 .......can replace the carb< $75

AM sells usa gasket for $2.60 + $9.99 to mail damaged'

china will send 10 and mail usually safe in a box for $9

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Unfortunately both the NLA and price of bolts have been determined by two things. One of coarse is demand. I would doubt the demand for a 5/8 fine thread square head bolt is no longer in high demand. 

That leads to the second thing. There used to be 1000's of mom and pop manufacturing shops in the USA willing to accept an occasional order from a vender to manufacture a small quantity of a low volume part. With our "leaders" selling us out to china those small shops have all  but disappeared. Now to have an item built you have to go thru channels to find someone in the PRC to mfg that item. And you are at their mercy as they may require  a minimum order of 10,000 pieces. And all for an item a supplier may only sell 50 a year. Now the vender has to charge X amount to recover manufacturing and the fact that they has a lifetime supply on hand.

An example of a low volume bolt would be the clipped/tapered head LH thread bolt IH used on their plow shares. When I started selling parts over three decades ago I hand out a fare amount of shares and each share took 4 bolts. 3 of one size and one of another. By the late 90's I sold very few. Who plows? My point is someone has to make that very specific bolt. So that bolts price is defiantly determined by supply and demand.

On the shipping direct from china subject. The US taxpayer is footing the bill for all the "free shipping" out of china. Google "mike devries epacket" and you will get an education.

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