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3 hours ago, Steve C. said:

Some pics of a local cemetery sitting on the bluffs above the American Bottoms (just south of St. Louis on the Illinois side). The mausoleum dominates the site, but there are lots of individual graves too.  

Lots of the stones are unreadable now, but in spite of vandalism the Miles Cemetery is pretty well maintained.

In rural Monroe County, Illinois lies a cemetery that holds much local history. A window to the past, the cemetery remains the final resting place for at least 450 individuals. The cemetery has a unique history that began with an Indian burial ground and became a place to bury the dead of the American Bottoms. A mausoleum built into the bluffs has endured hard times and today still stands as a local landmark. The story behind Eagle Cliff-Miles Cemetery is one that although neglected over time, holds a place in history.




From the article

"The sixties proved to be the perhaps the most devastating decade for the mausoleum and the cemetery itself. 'Hippies' held s'ances inside the mausoleum and destroyed the vaults; bodies were taken outside of their resting places and burned atop the bluffs"

Just another in a long list of reasons to wish that movement had never happened.

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Don't give the Funeral Industry to much credit for being nice guys. To take the emotion out of it I would erg everyone to make you own plans when you can do it yourself. But there can still be pitfalls.


My wife's stepfather had done his and my MIL plots and all the details 30,40, even 50 years ago as their plot were right next to his parents plots. In 2018 my MIL died and we thought everything was under control. But the up scale private cemetery had been sold to Dignity Heatlh corp. Which is into health networks hospitals and elder care facilities  and mortuaries. Come to find out all but one mortuary in the county here. Still a mortuary with the old name it has had for years in every town, but all owned by one company.


So we went to the meeting to set date and time of services and any other thing we needed to do. After their Honey in charge reads the details such as  X casket and a viewing in their chappal all was good. Until she come up with a $3000 FEW to open and close the grave. At which time I put on the brake. My FIL was buried here 5 years ago and no such few. For that kind of money I know a dozen people with a backhoe.  But we let them ship the body 150 miles as that was the only place they had a embalmer and it was in the contract my MIL had signed for her to be embalmed, SO THEY MUST. My wife is not a fan of embalming so we could of done without (my wife is a only child). I fussed all the way home no way were we paying any new charges, as I knew the step father did not do things half way.


I think they knew I was not happy. Even though I not said much. A different person called and had reread the contract and everything was paid for. So just a little fishing expedition to see if we would give them some more money. The greedy little slime balls. 


So my burial plans are being paid for currently. So the children don't have worry about it. But our children have been warned to look out. There are plenty of crocks in the funeral business.

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There is an old abandoned foundation in the woods by our farm. It's about a mile each way from any road, excep for the old over grown logging trail that leads about halfway through there. Next to the foundation is an old dump site I'm assuming from the family or person living there. I've dated it back as far as I could and couldn't come up with a "name" in a plot book. I'm sure there must be a cemetery around it somewhere. Not far from it there are a ton of old beaver runs and a creek. 

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Hopefully i die while SCUBA diving and just sink into the depth’s of the ocean. That will keep the greedy flea bitten scum bag white collar criminals in the funeral business from getting a dime of my money. Nothing but a bunch of mother -:&”” ing a:: hole’s

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On 10/5/2023 at 4:18 AM, Ian Beale said:

A cousin and his wife caused some consternation in the local shire (county) office when they came in and announced that "We wanted to book a room" - as in a plot in the local cemetry.

He was the one who provided the link that I used to get documentation to my father's terse comment that "We linked QANTAS to medicine before the Flying Doctor"

MIKEM sent me a picture one day of him laying on the lawn.

I asked what was going on?

He said he just bought a cemetery plot and was trying it out.

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