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White supremacy


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18 minutes ago, jeeper61 said:

And that would have been 3406 powered?

Yep, I still have a complete 4-325 laying around here at multiple places. Did have it upstairs on pallets until I bought the local fuel shop, now have moved most of it to brothers shop. 

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13 hours ago, Farmall Doctor said:

George White power!


And this beauty!



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51 minutes ago, jeeper61 said:

The one Big Bud guy posted supposedly had a locked up transmission had been on a farm in PA was auctioned and went to VA   

I robbed that picture off a thread on ytmag.  Supposedly 30k was spent fixing the transmission.

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Here are some details on one of the 4-325s 

Ed Leaman auctioned it over 10 years ago


A link to history of MM, Oliver, White 4x4s


One of the ski areas in MA had a "Slope Boss" 

I remember seeing it there in the 80's while skiing 


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9 hours ago, Dirt_Floor_Poor said:

So you own it or are repairing it for a customer? Very interesting. 

It's a long story. #1 I have nothing in it. It was sold at a sale in Pa (Ed Leaman) The guy who bought it is from Nebraska, he contacted our local Agco dealer to rebuild it for him. (Agco dealer had rebuilt a 4-270 for a guy in Mn before he held Agco contract) The Agco dealer didn't have time or space to do so. He contacted my brother who is a White tractor freak.

At that point I had leased my business out to CaseIH dealer and was working for them. My facility here was in idle mode, so brother agreed to do the rebuild. Promptly brought it in my shop and completely disassembled it. Stacking parts on pallets, his plan was rebuild each section one at a time and then when complete put her all together. 

Can't say which final but one had a bad ring & pinion that owner was going to have custom built. To move the tractor they took keys out of axle hubs and greased axles allowing wheels to slowly turn on axle shafts. Seems that in powershift portion of tractor a gear was also seized to shaft (maybe even the pinion shaft) I can't remember all the details. 

Fast forward 10 years and I had quit at CaseIH dealer to come back to my shop. We worked around it here for several years, most parts where upstairs on pallets, heavy items setting in corners in shop. I got tired of farming around all the components and lowered the boom. Now it is stored in my brothers shop, and multiple other buildings around his farm. 

When we purchased the fuel injection shop this spring I needed the upstairs to store all our pump cores and etc...so it had to go. 

The owner in Ne has been slow (like 10 years slow) to get R&P built as well as repair the gear bore that seized to shaft. I think right now that brother has everything to assembly it this winter maybe. What a massive job....as parts have gathered dust and I am sure some bolts an small items were lost in shuffling it around. Had everything worked like it was planned it would be running today. 

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