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Tractor of the week. Week 38: 400


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Available with a gasoline, LP gas or gas start diesel, this tractor replaced the Super MTA.  Standard or Row crop configurations were built.  Available as a high crop, single front, narrow front or wide front axle: this machine could handle any farm task.  They were available with power steering,  convenient live hydraulic controls on dash, live PTO and torque amplifier and fast hitch.

Here is mine to start things off.


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Ps, add on 3 point. My main and only tractor for many years. Set out big bales and cleaned snow. Pretty much anything I needed to do taking care of a small cow herd and 20 acres more or less.

Needs a ta and ta clutch I suspect as well as a transmission front seal.  Several other things could use some attention too. But it's been a good old tractor for me. 







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My neighbor buddy has a 400 for his little acreage. Not sure of the year.  It was on marketplace for the longest time, apparently a guy paid for it, but never picked it up for over a month. My buddy offered 700.00 less and picked it up right away. The seller sent back the orginal buyers check. I liked the tractor and it was on my list looking at tractors but was out of my budget. Before my B I stored the tractor for my buddy in exchange of usage......kind of best of both worlds. I kind of had it and got to use it with out having to buy it. It was almost too big for my tasks though.


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I got my 400 from a farmer's estate. Right after it arrived.


After RR rim was replaced and front weights added.


With fast hitch and CharLynn power steering, it is quite handy as a chore tractor.

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Dad bought this 1954 400 diesel serial number 2388 when I was 13. He wanted it for the 14.9 tires on the back because it was advertised as non running but by the time the sale was over we had it running on diesel. Got her home and rebuilt the carb and TA. Someone has turned it up along the line as she runs a little faster rpm and this year at a plow day I finally blew the head gasket. This winter she’ll get fixed up and put back into service.



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