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Beach trips


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Well we have been to the Florida beaches twice in the last month.  First trip was when my daughter came to visit from England.  She teaches middle school math.  We stayed at our neighbor's townhouse that is across front beach road from the beach in Panama City Beach from Tuesday thru Friday.  First night we ate at Runaway Island restaurant that is right on the beach and we sat out on the back porch.



Spent the next day on the beach.


Panama City Beach probably has the whitest beaches and bluest water along the Gulf Coast.  We ate Thursday night at Captain Anderson's.  If you go to Panama City and want sea food this is the place.  It is not cheap, but the food is wonderful and has great atmosphere.  Just get there early if you don't want to wait.


Last week we took our September visit to the beach by staying at the Alabama Gulf Shores state park.  We left on Monday, 11 September, the drive is a little over 3 hours.  This is a nice park, lots of spots and where we stay is about a mile from the beach with bike trails to the beach.


We both have mountain bikes and I pull a cart with all our beach essentials.  We can ride to the bike parking area by the entrance to the campgrounds.  Then park the bikes and unhook the cart and walk across the highway to the beach.


The second week in September is good time to hit the beach.  The water is just starting to cool a little and there is minimal beach goers.


We get set up and enjoy the day.  There is usually a slight breeze and the temperature is perfect.


We ate this time at Zeke's in Orange Beach which has seafood and was really good.  We had their cornbread skillet appetizer that is corn bread and a sausage/crawdad gravy.   The gravy was Cajun style.   Thursday night we ate at Big Mike's Steakhouse in Orange Beach.  Their steaks are the best.  We headed back Friday morning.  It was a good week

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Looks like fun!  We went to Orange Beach for our family vacation 4 years ago I believe.  I remember eating at the Pleasure Island Tiki Bar and also a nice restaurant at the Wharf.  Had a great time, very nice beaches.  Last year we went to Galveston TX.  Not quite as nice white sand.  But were we stayed near Jamaica beach it wasn't as busy and you could drive right out on the beach, that was very nice.  This year we went to North Myrtle Beach SC.  It was busier but the water was much more beautiful than what I've experienced on the gulf.

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Looks awesome! I love everything about it..except the sun.. and the sand… and the salt water… and the heat.. and bicycles…, but it sure does look fun! 

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8 hours ago, acem said:

Some booze in the blender

He needs “the coolest” , blender, radio and cooler all in 1


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