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I'm sorry....


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We have a spare head for the combine now but it's green instead of red. Either buy or make an adapter for the combine depending on how much I get done .

My goal is to ensure that I don't break down at all 




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From a red combine to green head you have to speed up the head as much as possible.  We figured that out after running a head for 15 years with no problem and the a couple gearboxes in one year, after we sped it up no problems.  I actually liked the 444 jd over the 1083 that replaced it.  It didn't but shell near as bad, it didn't chew up the stalks quite as good.  We had welded up the rolls years ago.


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On 9/18/2023 at 8:49 AM, Binderoid said:

If you paint it red you are forgiven 

That's what I was thinking, red paint on a sunny afternoon 

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On 9/18/2023 at 8:36 AM, Wisconsin Ron said:

I think you have to change the drives to sidehill style to make them run on a red. At least we did on our 1680. 540 spline couplers click right on the hex of the combine.

It has hex with sprockets on now that couple with the feeder house. I'm guessing it's going to need a second bearing added , hex shortened, groove added for PTO to lock and I can use the driveshafts from the 1020-25 we parted out after shortened for it . 

I'm not worried about the color as if I don't break down with either 2206 head this will not be used. This is my insurance. Both of the 2206 had all the gearbox upgrades 

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