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The OMG thats crazy thread.


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Last summer we were  in the service drive of our dealership when we heard a loud clatter coming down Main street.  The noise was from a Ford Explorer, with a 3 wheeled engine stand ratchet strapped to the rear bumper and an engine on the stand. He was driving about 30 mph. I can only imagine how many rpms those little cast wheels on the engine stand were turning!

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Just now, F-301066460puller said:

You need a flag 🚩 lol

Sledgehammer said the same thing, i like living on the edge. If they can’t see a yellow canoe in a big red truck, they ain’t going to see a flag. 

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5 hours ago, hobbyfarm said:

Sofa on top of a Subaru this afternoon on the main road close to our place.  No pic but it happened.

I hauled a sofa on my (Che)vette roof 30 years ago and my cousin rode up on the sofa spotlighting 

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Full size upright piano tied in the trunk of a 1970 ish Impala when in college, 1981 or 2.  But only to the top level of a parking garage at 2 AM one night. Only took it 1 way, just up. Cant recall how it got back down, but it was never played again and we now kwow a piano cant fly. Cant imagine going to college today with cameras every where !

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6 hours ago, davo727 said:

Cleveland TX at the truck stop on 59 today. I should have taken a pic. Mexican road trains gassing up. One was a f150 flat towing another f150 that had a tundra behind it on a 2 wheel dolly.  3 other similar combinations at the other pumps. No lic plates on anything. 

Were they headed into or out of Mexico?

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