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TD-6 Bell Housing Bolts Loose

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16 minutes ago, Rawleigh99 said:

Well, there are only two possibilities I see.  Engine rear seal or transmission seal.  You could send a sample to Blackstone labs and see if they can determine if it is engine oil or transmission oil, I guess.  Does it smell like either fluid?  Unfortunately either one  means pulling the engine.  As long as the clutch isn't slipping I would use it while monitoring the fluids and see if either level drops.  Is there a drain plug in the bottom of the clutch housing? If so, you could wash it out.  It might make it easier to find the leak.

I think, its the transmission because when I unintentionally drained the clutch housing (because of the leak) the oil had some water in it. The transmission, which I just drained also had some water in it. Also the engine oil is still full at the moment. This is thus far my best guess... but we will see. 

What would I use to clean out the area? 

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15 minutes ago, hillman said:

welcome to the fun part of old iron, 

I will say it is a learning experience for sure. Any thoughts on how I would clean out the clutch housing? I can drain everything out the bottom but what about any gunk on the walls?

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5 hours ago, louie figone said:

Power washer with the drain plug out, then lube all the fittings and work the tractor to get it hot in there. Is this a bare tractor, loader, bulldozer?

It's a bulldozer. Confirmed the leak is coming from the transmission. I was flushing the transmission with diesel and diesel ended up in the clutch housing. Not a ton but enough to get it wet

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