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Selling 1955 TD6 - 6Cyl diesel with glow plugs

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Hi Dennis, is it a gasoline start then shift to diesel? the Generator is on the wrong side. Straight diesel should start with glow plugs. Im not familiar with a TG6 like that have you come up with a price for it yet?

Tracks beat wheels

Ron Hoak

1948 TD6

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23 hours ago, Dennis Geisler said:

From my brother's estate no hard work in past use. Just finished prep and paint job that cost quite a few $, runs very good, rollers pads in good shape.

Thinking about selling as I am 74 and have no family farm use for it.

Where should I advertise this machine into the market?





Ashern, Manitoba






Advertise it in the next issue of Red Power Magazine.  Be sure to include a good picture. 

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5 hours ago, Dennis Geisler said:

Just an update on the track tightener.

I had a local old welding shop remove the tightener, V grind the tightener and weld to factory size and then adjust the track. All is good!

If it has had that problem check and see how much free play you have in the front idler slides.  Likely too much if it has broken the adjuster screw.  Early ones had no adjustment so fixing was by build up.  I'm not sure if the later ones had shims and can't get a good look in your photos.

And check the studs holding the recoil assembly castings to the track frame too, as they can get worked loose.  At the extreme (if you build a new and better adjuster screw) the free play can break the recoil spring retaining bolts.  

I don't have the T shirt that goes with it.

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