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Za Gaz Zig Shrine tractor show


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This coming Saturday from 8 AM to 6 PM the Za Gaz Zig Shrine in Altoona, IA is hosting their first annual antique tractor show.   My employer,  Colfax Tractor Parts, is a sponsor.   Tractors of all makes and models will be welcome.  Door prizes and awards will be distributed.   Food is available on the grounds.  Participants can stay overnight and participate in a tractor ride on Sunday.  No charge for the show, $15. for the ride/ meal.  If you are in the area, stop in or bring a tractor!  Should be a fun time.  


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Nice show ! 
my now favorite in view the 656 international utility hydro also nice 

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Thanks Iowaboy for posting those photos from the show.  My day did not go according to plan and I never took a single photo!  The farmall H in the last photo is mine.  It also made the journey out to Grand Island and the MIAPA show in Marshalltown as well this year. 

So, Thursday evening I had the trailer hooked up and everything checked over. Had the 140 running  well and all polished up.  Friday night it was lightly raining and I did not want the trailer deck to get wet.  Decided to load early Saturday morning.  Next morning, the 140 was dead.  Starter button went bad.   So, I loaded the old H instead.   Drove to Newton to pick up Miss Lee and her MM 5 Star.  One trailer tire looked low, so we pumped it up.

  Arrived in Altoona,  excited for the show.  Several tractors were there already.  She backed off her 5 Star and it died behind the trailer.   Would not restart.  My H fired right up and died on the rear of the trailer.  A quick look revealed that it was out of gas!  I'm such a dummy...

So, we unhooked the trailer and drove up and registered them.  Then off to grab a gas can and some fuel.  Ended up having tenderloins and fries at the Sugar Shack.  We had all afternoon and the judging was supposed to be at 5 PM and awards ceremony at 6......

We returned around 2.  My H fired up and ran fine.  Her MM would not turn over fast enough to start.  Two Shriners drove up and told us to forget the tractors and come up to the Temple.  They had completed judging and was waiting for us to have the awards ceremony!  Okay...  .... So, I drove up to the temple on the H with Miss Lee on the drawbar. Parked the H out front and went inside.

  It was a nice ceremony with 20+ tractor owners in attendance.  Miss Lee won 2nd place restored for her 5 Star.  She also won a Bachman train set in the drawing....  I only earned a flat tire on my trailer.  No spare with me, either!  So,  we made a plan.  Hooked up the trailer,  ran over to the maintaince garage and pumped it up.  With help from some friends,  we loaded the H and with a jump pack loaded her 5 Star.  Then back to the garage and topped off the tire.  Dashed to Newton and dropped Miss Lee and her MM off.  Pumped my tire up once again and off for home!  Mile and a half from my driveway,  it let go.  But, I limped it home.  You know, a rough day playing with tractors is better than a good day at work!!!!!!!!


Thanks for stopping by Iowaboy.  Thanks to Miss Lee for joining me for the day. Thanks to the Za Ga Zig Shrine for a wonderful event.

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Just saw thus. Sorry your tire let go. At keast you made it home!

Sorry now I didn't go look at the 5 star. Didn't realize that's what it was. That's the model before my m5 I believe....? I have a parts 5 star. Not a lot left.

Would miss Lee be a member of the well known newton moline collectors family? I know he had a daughter but never met her. I know the son on site. 

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5 hours ago, iowaboy1965 said:


Would miss Lee be a member of the well known newton moline collectors family? I know he had a daughter but never met her. I know the son on site. 

No.  She dates the one Westbrook brother.  They collect Olivers and MM.  So, She acquired it after Dick Burns passed away.

Far as I know,  most of Dick Allen's MM collection is still tucked away there at the farm.  Believe the one son plans to move back to the farm.

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