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Interesting auction....


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I hope the link still works...

Auction over the weekend.

47 of 115 lots were NOT sold...🤔  I don't think I ever saw that before...  Kinda makes you wonder what's going on.




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Maybe that’s what I should do with the junk I have on Purple Wave, but I need to get rid of it to make room for more junk. 
With the kind of money the rest of the stuff brought, they have high expectations. 

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Probably watching Barrett-Jackson and eating dreamsicles and thought their cars should bring at least as much as those do. I was following one car and thought it went way above what it should sell for so I stopped bidding. Online, it went a good bit higher, then said no sale.

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23% > premium, 2hr pmt, 5hr removal, stealer "reserve", and A LOT more BS

had to be standing there with $ and immediate load out.

surprised they just didnt have #7 buy all for the faux effect.ooh wait #7 AI for the stealers did bid.,but couldnt faux enough suckers.

most auto auctions today approach 50% NS as the stealers and banks/repos are too far upside down.at the same time banks will not lend $40K on a '22 truck purchased at 120%msrp $75-110K as $65-95K i.s still owed

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Used to be a couple of these around, one popped up on marketplace the other day. 
Gawd awful looking things, these also fall under the category of a bad idea poorly executed. 


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