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Electric roads in Sweden


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On 9/12/2023 at 3:10 AM, acem said:

It's not unusual for very large electrical users to call before applying or shedding load. It can cause problems.

When I worked at the paper mill we arranged with the regional power authority about power needs in general and specifically when we connected or disconnected.  

Electric trains are common in some parts of the world. Our major railroad companies are particularly inefficient and corrupt. I don't want to get started on them...

But I'd love to take the trans Siberian railroad.

In the Netherlands they only using electric on the mainlines, the rest they stil using diesel because it is cheaper to opporate and maintain.

I don't blame the US rail roads for stil using diesel, sometimes parts of powerlines above railroads geting stolen by copper thieves also the US power grid is ancient and poor maintained. Also in times off war the electric grid is an target, thats why the russians have steam locomotives as back up.

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