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Waited to pick sweet corn


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Got a small raised bed garden . Was at the county fair last week . Didn’t attempt t to pick any . Did this week and it’s starting to dent. Ugh ! I’m going eat it ,little bit I got anyway ,I guess I don’t know when to pick it either. 
I’ll learn 

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7 hours ago, Alan Dinan said:

If it was planted at ground level, the coons would pick it for you the night before it’s ready. Then you know when to pick it!! lol 😂 

Results of the scoring so far 
Raccoons -24 Dennis 3 overdone 

I win 🥇 

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We try to plant around 2lbs of sweet corn seed every year. Coons got into it before the kernels started getting filled out....made short work of solving that problem....they like fish and cat food more than sweet corn. I started picking to eat just as the kernels were starting to turn yellow 2 and a half weeks ago. I like it about where it is now with the kernels good and firm.... I'll still be eating it until it gets too tough.  I've given countless dozens away already. It's nothing for me to have it 3x's a day. A dozen or so a day at that. I grew up growing a large garden and eating stuff by the bushel. Going to a farm stand to buy stuff by the quart doesn't cut it lol

At $5-$7 a dozen locally. We eat like royalty






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On 9/9/2023 at 4:12 PM, Ihfan4life said:

Same with my Apple tree. Going to wait for a few more days. Mowed lawn today, more like a hay field with all the rain and all the apples are on the ground 😱

can’t win for trying 

Keep trying ! All can say ! Amen

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