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Iowa 2 lanes

Lazy WP

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After yesterday and today, I’m not really sure about this owner operator thing. 
Ran 2700 miles in 3 days, with a total of 400 miles of interstate. Wednesday morning I noticed my bunk heater was leaking antifreeze. Stopped in Clarinda Iowa for antifreeze and stuff to bypass it. ( you don’t just pull into anywhere with a semi) Stopped in St Joe and put fuel in as well as burned the snot out of my hands bypassing the heater core. (I just changed it a year ago about now)

Got home Thursday evening. Spent most of the day Friday changing orings on the dumb thing. Started the truck up to get it out of the way and I had antifreeze running worse than before. I did get smart and installed shut off valves on the heater hoses so I didn’t lose all the antifreeze. 
Sitting here now with the truck running making sure everything is dry before I go to all the work of putting the heater box back on. 
The driving part is the easy part!!

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Four lanes at 75 in Texas is a dream. 

Truckers, thank you for all you do! I am amazed by all the trucks running on 287 between Amarillo, Texas and Kit Carson, Colorado on my way to and from home and college. 

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3 hours ago, Lazy WP said:

They do run hard. Have to for the animals wellbeing. 
There are drivers in every aspect of trucking that put stupid amount of miles on. 

Week ago I got a load of 4 weight calves in.  From CA.  30 hour drive!!   I have a lot of respect for truck drivers that care about their job.

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