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Tractor of the week. Week 35: Super C


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First tractor I ever rode on was a super C. Dad traded it for a 560 when I was  5? Don't really remember it but I've seen a picture of me riding with dad on it. 

I still have the original owners manual. Some day I want to get one.

I do have a U123? And water pump.  Like to get it running too but it's in poor condition.

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I learned to plow on a Super C with a C20 FH plow. Dad bought the tractor brand new about 1954. When he sold his machinery in Feb 1989, I bought the tractor, but left it at his place until May. It was parked in the upstairs drive floor of my barn in July 1989, when the barn burned. No pictures of that one. 

I did buy 3 more shown in this picture, but sold the middle one. The third one in the picture just shows the loader arms on it.


The most recent one was purchased only because the casting dates on it are 2 weeks after the casting dates on my 200s, that have successive serial numbers.


they are handy little tractors.

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One of my early experiences as a mechanic (14-15 years old) was with a Super C, it was a narrow front end with a loader, I remember it as my first time dealing with crud in a fuel tank, after flushing the tank and lines it still wasn't getting enough fuel for heavy load, then I learned about the screen on the fuel inlet at the carb.

I can't remember if it was a C or Super C, narrow front, was a friend's deceased Grandfather's tractor, sitting at his parent's house unused for a few years.  This was in 2002 which is the year I turned 17.  We got it going one day for something to do and drove it around the rural block, it was good fun and a great way to tour, we noticed that it didn't burn much fuel which was cool.  A few days later we were sitting around, broke, looking for something to do.  Gasoline was around 50-65 cents a liter back then.  We had about 2 dollars in empty beer bottles, we decided to drive the C to town to cash in our empties which would give us enough money for the gas to get back.  We made it to town, the beer store and the gas station.  I can't recall al the details but after the gas station it stalled and had no battery or charging power.  We weren't allowed to play with it and now we were stalled in town.  I went to the local auto parts store and charged a new battery to my parent's account, it fired up and drove back home.  I forgot to mention charging the battery to my parent's account and enough of my friend's family saw us driving it, so we got busted for our tour.  My Dad criticized me for running for a replacement battery instead of tapping the voltage regulator to see if that made it charge.  Tapping on the voltage regulator did fix it

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I have a 53 Super C. Bought it a few years ago in Wisdom, MT. 


It came with a narrow front and smoked like a freight train. I bought another Super C for parts that had been flattened by a building. I added the wide front, fast hitch and the motor guts which were high dome pistons.


Turned out to be my favorite tractor for raking hay and moving equipment around the yard.  

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