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1066 park lock


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Neighbor has a 1066/ta ,and wanted it hauled.

when loading on DD it stalled,thus no brake,steering the most you can roll off ,is the 20".

But driver panicked and thru on the lock.

Now its hard to operate.........WHat to inspect for damage/bent  ? would it need opened up.or just the claw inside?

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I am to go to their storage in a few ,

he said ,JIGGLE  and twist , load unload around the block into storage,depressed its not RIGHT.

dont have a book and online is &*^&^     ....range cover

and yes I would want to inspect its going to lock for the next 3K x

not up on these new ones  can any/ all be accessed /changed without removing the cab and full top cover ?

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On 9/6/2023 at 3:39 PM, HydroTek said:

You still have brakes with the engine off -- just manual , not power


I have heard that. Most tractors don't in my experience. Whatever needs to be fixed, apparently doesn't get fixed.

None of our three 56/66 series have brakes with the engine off. Pedal goes right to the bottom and there is ZERO stopping power.

Out of curiosity what is wrong and what is the fix?

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Check again -- the top half of pedal travel is power brakes -- the bottom half is manual brake

Been that way since that brake valve was made -- so, '06 to Magnum

If yours do not work like that -- then the oring on the piston in the brake valve is bad -- or the self adjusters on the brake linings are not working, and allowing too much clearance

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