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cub rims/tires 7-8-9


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Due to OP using calcium, I need new rims

I only find/have 8.3-24 tires

The Ih 7" rims are rare

8" rims are $250-450 ea

9" nos available

9.5" new most anywhere

will the 8.3-24 tire work with any/all 4 size rims???....

what are you finding?

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3 hours ago, Matt Kirsch said:

How "UN reliable" can a rim be? No moving parts.

dont like his current business practice,and burned too many x this decade by the $2 china ^&&*) he sells for 10% < dealer.

easier to deal with A & I and 200% mark up for once checked china !$@!%!

Talked with the mfg
IH rim is only available thru 7-8 "approved" stealers thus once all the palms are greased with 100% shipping  its 2x $ what the whole tractor was.


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16 hours ago, hillman said:

Steiner have USA made 7 inch cub rims for $249.99


 The sad part is I was looking in a 2021 catalog and they had them for $159 . 

 That is ridiculous. 

ridiculous  IS>>>> and a reason "they elite" cry poor and hard too $$ stocking NLA.   That rim is net on xyz dock for $60,they refuse to drop ship.,to end user,even if billed internally.

China would be <$10 and < $30 on the dealer dock ,with 20 hands in the pocket

Next the marketing says minimum 100% markup.

Next incompetence in shipping correctly adds 80-100% with etc mark up again.

Then if you are an outfit operating like(say A & I ) its not at the dealer ,so rather than drop ship or EVEN stock order ,or let said dealer pick it up at regional depot in  the next city,they will ship it right past me (2-3X) playing hand off for a week. 2000 miles on what should be ,75m

Thus that profitable in USA to a USA mfg at $60  is $250-$525 to the "peasants whom have a right to balk

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Stiener is getting too expensive and it may bite them. If a newbie spends $500 on rims on a $1000 Cub will he set out to restore another tractor? or a kid   Why won't A&I drop ship them to you. It used to be up to the dealer to get it drop shipped. was nothing to do with A&I. did they change this policy? or is your dealer giving you the run around

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I Try to avoid A & I,and other holly rollers.

Definitely AI S runaround.

and this mandated drinking of the coolaid  is a big factor in the NLA market

Piece of Ih glass we needed, from the eu mfg/distributor delivered to USA as a 1 off (caution glass) was $150.DELIVERED, AS quoted from experience,odd size ,so USA customs was 100% ,to seize and ransom, + 90% likely broken then, or on next leg.with NO recourse.

A & I dealers dont/cant stock,but 30 day  high profit. but  A & I imports containers of them for < $30-50.ea

found Dealer that sells many, was out. They were in the depot 6 blocks from him, They refused to let him pick up,restock,or drop ship.

another that buys full pallets from AI retail $169...BUT must be picked up.

I had to pick an instate online 2x $ dealer as the front,then order direct from A & I site,. The pick ticket went out ,to that depot,while A& I advertised for the lowest bid delivery.

glass Was tossed in a single wall pasteboard box /too big/loose,and physically handled on/off trailers trucks docks etc( 50x)!!!  for 2000 miles over 2 weeks,passing me, to the iowa depot then back. $239 + $150 shipping, IH was  $410 identical AI/SO,  fiat boxed $440 on BO/SO/6wks

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