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Interesting question for you!


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All of them! 

But if just one or two it would have to be specific. My uncles old 1456 or the 1026 gold that local dealer sold new. I should really put some effort into tracking them down just in case. But the way things are, they are pipe dreams. 

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15 hours ago, Absent Minded Farmer said:

1925 or '26 Regular on steel with the cultivators & a bonus if it has the Lift All. It doesn't even have to be within 10 miles. If you live 700 miles away.... & can trailer it to within 10 miles of my house... we'll have us a deal!!! If it has a wide front, it declines in value. A Farmall is a narrow front tractor!

Wouldn't turn down a '39 H with the same setup either.


68383081-644A-4CD5-937C-5D0F8BDD755A.thumb.png.57c442c4e9d968f058a2e69deb933ed2.pngThis ‘26 was cultivating some check row corn at our local show. I had hoped to have mine there as well but time got away from me. 

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Super MTA or a 560 gas with a good Ta  and differential lock

the farm I hung out on as a kid had one and that sucker could pull

1 more add ;

IH load star flat bed with dump and air breaks  [learned to drive in one]

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