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Interesting question for you!


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30 minutes ago, planejeff said:

If you were looking online and so happened to come across your dream tractor within 10 miles of you,with a price you can't beat, original condition and running. What model of tractor would it be??? No wrong answer except JD 4020!!! 😆

Is this something that happened to you, seems like an interesting question that is part 1 of 2…

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Going to go with a Black Stripe 1566. So much the better if it were already on 20.8x42's! 1456 would probably be next, then maybe a 2150 Ollie. If we were to live a little closer to reality a nice 450 would be awesome! Some of you that know me are probably surprised there are no pumpkins on that list. There are some I'd like to have but the ones listed are higher priority.

Edit; A non black stripe 15 would be just as good!

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1925 or '26 Regular on steel with the cultivators & a bonus if it has the Lift All. It doesn't even have to be within 10 miles. If you live 700 miles away.... & can trailer it to within 10 miles of my house... we'll have us a deal!!! If it has a wide front, it declines in value. A Farmall is a narrow front tractor!

Wouldn't turn down a '39 H with the same setup either.


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I just recently converted from green to red so I haven't really thought about "the ultimate dream red tractor". There's a few that come to mind for me and would be sort of special or cool to have but nothing " I want/need to have".........sometime I'd like a full size ih loader tractor to plow snow vs my compact if a 656, 706,856 ect with a loader came up for sale locally and in my budget I'd definitely consider it but wouldn't call it my dream tractor and that'd be a practical tractor.


Maybe I'm being selfish, maybe I'm not thinking hard enough, maybe I'm not sure what's out there and maybe someone thinks I'm crazy but I'm going to put a twist on this and say I already found mine..... a 1951 M. I grew up around an H and M, those were my dad's 1st main tractors he owned, my grandpa's on each side had one, I always liked them, they are common small farm wagon, and pto tractors. After being involved in a traumatic work related accident I sold my John Deere B and bought this one instead so it was like a new page for me, and it's the same year as my very 1st tractor. Building minature farm layouts and trying to build a line up or playing farm simulator I always had a hard time coming up with a line up but an h or m was always in them. Sure it's nothing huge, high hp, or special, but it means a lot to me and puts a smile on my face being on it.




with that said it can't be any old MF 180 but I'd like to have my grandpa's MF 180. He farmed with it, my dad rented it starting out,  it's restored and still in the family today. I'd be willing to pay tripple than what it's worth to have it on my farm and see my dad smiling sitting on it again and know my grandpa is looking down seeing his grandkid using it.





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450 LP hi-crop ..... 450 with mounted picker, 450 gas, 650 gas,  450 Wheatland gas( I know someone else that would take off my hands). 

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