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Empire Equipment Geneseo IL Info


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Starting to paint our 81' 5088 thought I'd take a couple pictures of the dealer stickers before I stripped them. One has the IH logo and one is later and has no logo. Anyone know about Empire? Looks like Geneseo is real close to the Farmall Plant and Hillsdale. 



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Weird. That top sticker is misspelled. It has to L’s. It says ILL. 😜

The proper abbreviation for Illinois is IL

They really screwed that up. Imagine how many of those ILL. misspelled stickers got placed on pieces of their equipment. Lol….

This reminds me of a misspelled license plate frame wifey and I saw on a Honda car a few weeks ago. We were behind this Honda with Florida plates on it, at a red light recently. It had one of those plastic dealership license plate frames on it for advertising.

It said such and such Honda (I can’t even remember the dealer’s name now,) but it said Sarasota, FA

That made me stop and think and wonder. I always thought Florida was FL

So I asked wifey, what is the abbreviation for Florida and she immediately said FL and asked me why. I said well that’s what I thought but I said look at that dealer license plate frame on that car ahead of us. It clearly said Sarasota, FA 

lol…. Idiots. 





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1 hour ago, Craig61019 said:

Illinois was abbreviated ILL before 1963,when the postal introduced the 5 digit zip code

X2  Wyoming was wyo. Changed to Wy when zip codes were introduced. Probably an act of congress

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Empire became Empire NA shortly before they sold to the Birkey organization. Nelms family owned it. East Moline Works staged cotton harvesters there after production and prior to shipping. Drove by one day in March and there were rows of them parked in an adjacent field awaiting shipment.

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It seems like the change to two letter state abbreviations was either later than ‘63 or slow to be adopted. I was born in ‘70 and clearly remember using Ind. for Indiana. Still do sometimes by mistake or just a preference. It is possible that we were just slow to adopt it here. We’re normally years behind our more progressive neighbors. LOL 

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Another IL dealer sticker. Where my combine was originally sold


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I actually got the original bill of sale from them and any other paperwork they had. Have became friends with the retired mechanic that originally prepared the combine for delivery and another retired IH salesman from there.

It had a stop in Indiana on the way for a few years. It was well cared for its whole life. The connection is the original owner who has long passed, the second owner and myself were all original Redpower forum members and all connected with each other through this site.  Before Facebook and all these other social media platforms Red Power was THE place to be if you loved IH and many good friends and connections have been made here. 

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