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Anyone going to Rollag tomorrow?


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Would like to get to Rollag some day, but not this year again! It’s Labor Day weekend, and I have a lot of labor to celebrate!! 
Worked on the shop floor yesterday for 8 hours, wash the truck and trailer this morning before the heat sets in, finish resealing a pipe on the septic tank at the shop today, and then hopefully get a tractor finished and out of the other shop.  The list grows longer every day!!

9 hours ago, Rusty_Farmer said:

. Is it me or is time speeding up?

Time is flying way to fast!! I can’t believe we are 4 months from a new year again! Actually sad how fast time is going by!


10 hours ago, oldtanker said:

I'm going with my wife. Hope everyone has a great time!



Enjoy the show Rick!! Stay hydrated!! 

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I'd like to get back one of these days but it won't be this year. Working Saturday. Last time there was in 2012 with IH the feature brand. Got 2 of the IH flags they flew there. 

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Rollag is one of those things on a guys bucket list.

It is beyond terrific and happens every Labor Day weekend.

And you come home smelling of coal smoke.

If you haven't been there, just "GO".

You will enjoy it.

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Four of us went on Friday had a good time. Saw the TD24 that was lost in the swamp for 50 years. That was one heck of a project. Had a pork chop on a stick, was good but, needed more fat on it!

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When you are done with Rollag, come to see the 150 HP Case Steamer pull 44 bottoms and maybe more.

September 8th, 9th and 10th, 2023 at Andover, South Dakota.


Kevin Anderson puts on one heck of a show

Come to "Gods Country" and find out.

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I will make it again one of these yrs. Gonna bring a camper and stay so I can actually see and enjoy everything. 

Brought my Dad there in '19. (First time for us both) We pushed through and seen a good portion of the show in a day, but it was pretty much just walk by or thru everything without stopping to catch a demo or show.

The next time I go will be bittersweet. On the way home that time, Dad said he "could die happy now." I never would've guessed he'd be gone just over 2 yrs later.

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