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Wednesday, I was cutting the grass when the steering went all wonky. Only had about 5 minutes worth left to cut. Had a quick look, tie-rod end separated. Thought I had some new ones, if I do, don't know where they are hiding. So I got one of my best cable ties and finished mowing! Later I found some good used ends and got the offender changed out today. Thought it was time for some sharp blades and a deck cleaning as it wasn't doing as nice a job as it can. Picture shows the pile of 'stuff' I scraped out of the bottom side. Under the belt cover wasn't much better but at least it was dry. I did remove one leveling washer and the blades line up real nice now. Not sure how I got them all jacked up? Mowed a little test plot, looks great. Now I just need to get the dull blades sharpened and hung on the nail ready to go back in. That will probably happen when the season is over, service everything so ready to roll in the spring.



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