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House Fire


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About 10 days ago my wife's grandparent's house caught fire and was a total loss.


This house was three houses down from us.  The family did not still own it, but my wife was heartbroken that it was lost.  She had a lot of good memories from being in that house.  Her parents owned and ran a country store that was right across the road from this house.  Her grandparents did not build the house, but bought it in the 20's.  The front porch on this house was the reason our house has that big front porch on it.  Libby remembered her grandmother having big hanging ferns on the porch and sitting on it.  That is what she wanted when she built this house.


That is a big magnolia tree in the front which shaded the porch and made it comfortable to sit on the porch.


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We had a near miss on a fire recently, I put pot of veggies on the stove, set the burner on medium and later smelled something too hot, went to the kitchen and a found SS pot glowing and smoke everywhere. The burner on the electric stove was running away, fortunately I was nearby in the home office and the burner responded to the off position and I was not burned. The only casualty was the pot was destroyed and the aluminum bottom melted into the stove-top.  Never put an aluminum pot on a stove and walk away. The SS part would have been reusable.  Later I replaced the burner controller and all has been fine  since. i ALSO REPLACED THE WIRING HARNESS AND BURNER ELEMENT but they were ok.  I have a C02 extinguisher in the kitchen, but do not require it this time.




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