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Hurricane idalia


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Looks like hurricane idalia will hit the big bend of Florida pretty hard. 

My brother on a barrier island near Tampa is getting tropical storm conditions now.

Two hurricanes in the same pic. Sister's!


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Still anticipated to be a Cat 4 by morning. Top half of FL is under a tornado watch until 6 AM.

My best to those folks. It's going to be bad.


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Our oldest son and his wife moved to Charlotte NC  this spring from Fargo.  Son #2 and his girlfriend are supposed to be leaving Friday to visit them for the weekend. Watching the Weather Channel isn't very encouraging. Looks like the storm is a big one, but should go NE over South Carolina and west of the storm gets heavy rain.  

They are flying to Chicago then Charlotte. I told him they might be spending the weekend in Chicago. Planes won't fly into a hurricane. 

I'll take a blizzard any day over a hurricane. 🤭


hurricane storm track



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My brother lived in Pace in a mobile home on the panhandle. He once used his 18 wheeler and a tow chain as an anchor point to keep the MH from being blown off its foundation.  Still took down a 125 YO oak tree, that took some ingenuity to get  into pieces small enough for burning.  One thing about a big Florida blow, it creates a lot of free wood.

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Was checking on the chickens when Micheal came through and saw a section of roof raising up about 2 foot. My face got blistered driving the backhoe in the driving rain. We saved the house 


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